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Educational Baking Therapy

Baking happy moments, healing the heart & mind

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In the severe and terrible terror acts on October 7th, tens of thousands of families and tens of thousands of children’s life in Israel were harmed and since then they have lost their normal routine, lost their loved ones, family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and are living away from their homes, and for some, there is no home to return to.

Now they are dealing with trauma, loss and emotional pain, along with a new and challenging reality, with arises need to give a place and answers to their emotional needs, to give them mental resilience, care and healing for the wounded heart and mind, for the soul. To show them the way forward, the day of tomorrow, that the past is not equal to the future, and that they have the right to choose. The choice to be better, stronger, the choice of life, a life of joy and freedom, while freedom comes from growth.


In the same way, many businesses in Israel were forced to deal with the consequences, challenges and survival in the shadow of a long and painful war. We must help and support them, encourage to take action, and help to drive the economy in Israel.


Bake Your Way is a project founded by Sarit Mazor with the aim of a continuing support to those families with children for the long term, to gift them a monthly educational baking kit that will motivate them to take action, to do, to enjoy and to learn skills and tools for life.Simultaneously support businesses, suppliers, service providers in Israel, as the educational and baking kit materials to be purchased from, and will be awarded to the children and families of the evacuees and reservists.

The Vision

Our ultimate goal is to create special moments of happiness, anticipation and excitement, enjoyment and real meaning for the children.


To give the children the feeling and understanding that they are seen and important, to give them a meaning in life and faith, faith in the universe, in kindness, in love and most importantly - faith in themselves, in their abilities, in their own importance and self-worth.


The plan is to provide the families a baking kit on a monthly basis, for practice, enjoying, and learning, for inner connection, inner motivation and healing, as every following month, the children will anticipate and look forward to receive the next baking kit, with curiosity, excitement, having a unique ritual for them that will be a layer of meaning and importance that they will pour into their everyday life , here, now and in the future.


Our vision is reaching out to all the children of evacuee families, estimated at 50,000 children, over 15,000 families, to provide 15,000 kits a month, with additional number of children from the reservist families, counting over 5,000 families.Having the cooperation of dozens and hundreds of businesses/suppliers/organizations to execute this vision to an actual result.

The uniqueness

The leading value in the project is meaning.

Meaning of life.


The desire to give the evacuated children and families a personal care, attention and giving, to give them back their personal identity within belonging, their personal last name, in addition to the same big umbrella and the common definition, "the families of the evacuees" they are named as. To give them meaning by their very existence and the feeling that they are important, significantly. 


In addition, support and assistance to businesses with their products/services to provide to children and families affected by the war, and at simultaneously continue to make a living, to exist, to face the challenges that the war brought with it and overcome the damage to the economy in the State of Israel.


To create an ecosystem, connecting between businesses and organizations, small and large, collaboration between children in Israel and children around the globe, Jewish and other communities

overcome darkness and chaos, vulnerability and disintegration, to illuminate and build a chain of partnership and unity.

Baking as a tool for connection and healing

The feeling we want to give children is that they can. They are needed, loved. This we can give them through the development of skills as independent entities, bring to growth and development through their natural tendencies, among with, the need for independence, imagination, curiosity, creativity, order and organization, movement, change, repetition. This will push and motivate them with a inner drive and move towards growth and  inner happiness.


The baking kits invite and encourage the children to do things independently, without the help of others, which will reflected the children’s sense of personal achievement, self-respect, self-worth, arise from a sense of independence, ability, the strengthening of self-confidence, the ability to face the world and a sense of responsibility that is built and strengthened with every experience and in every action.

Baking as a tool for developing life skills

Description of the process experienced by the children

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Our Community

Bake A way is engaged in fostering a supportive and fun environment where members can build a community to share their love for baking in particular and the State of Israel in general. Be patient and let the community develop organically as members connect based on their shared passion.

Bake Your way is the first baking platform of its kind to connect communities and audiences from different backgrounds and ethnicities in different geographical locations around the world.

The platform connects people who have never had a way or opportunity to meet or connect with others due to a different residency area or a different language.

Bake Your way establishes a multi-channel community, to be fruitful for each member in order to benefit and help his emotional, physical and social condition.


The platform offers a variety of products and services, all in order to help and contribute to communities in a need of support, along with help and rehabilitation for Israeli businesses that were damaged as a result of the war and the events of October 7, which took a heavy toll on all businesses and the population in Israel.


The Founder

"Happiness is not always a simple thing, but is always a choice.
For us the right and the ability to choose happiness, to choose life"

After years as a lawyer, Sarit Mazor decided to connect between different worlds of content, from the field of coaching and training, together with pastry and baking, to established the first studio of its kind in Israel - 'Sweet Home for Baking and Life Skills'. In addition to the workshops, classes and personal guidance for parents, children and teenagers, Sarit has developed unique baking set of kits that combine different techniques to strengthen life skills with a proven empowering effect on personal development as well as developing skills and facing  challenges, including emotional ones, that children experience.


Since October 7th, the studio became a small control & operation center, where Sarit along with family members, friends, and the children of the studio’s family, baked pastries, cakes, cookies and wrapped it in packages that were lovingly sent to soldiers all over the country, to families of evacuees and the families of the army reserve recruits.

The studio was able to host children and families evacuated from the Gaza Strip surrounding area population for baking workshops. And hence the project was born, from the desire to continue the studio’s activity along with supporting the children and families who experienced  traumas and were harmed mentally by the war, and needed help and support to deal with the consequences and to recover from the mental wounds caused by the war, on many levels.

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The donation and the sweet return

Bank transfer - 

Account Name: The Light Circle Ltd

Bank: Discount - 17

Branch:  Hod Hasharon - 187

Account No.: 0207867048



For transfers in $ Dollar currency

Account Name: The Light Circle Ltd

Bank: Discount - 17

Branch:  Hod Hasharon - 187

Account No.: 0207873854



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